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retargetingInternet has proven a boon for the start-up companies and small organisations. One can get a web site designed for the company and with the help of SEO one can attract the target customers to the site. But internet has provided the same opportunity to everyone and hence how many times it happens, that even if the SEO is exceptionally good, the customer may visit the sites and to search more options may leave the site to browse more service providers at the same time. And once it happens all the effort and money seems wasted and that is why many business website owners go for re-targeting services where with the help of best re-targeting strategies one may get its target consumers beck to its site.

What is retargeting?
With the help of technologies like cookies etc, many sites track the online activities of the consumers. It helps the website to understand the trend of the market and the interests of the visitors. One can follow the visitor and keep on providing links to the sites at the pages where the target is currently present. Retargeting is also known as remarketing and it helps in attracting the bounced back traffic towards the company website.

Here are some of the best re-targeting strategies
Retargeting is done with the help of some advance technologies but one can achieve the target only with the help of best of the best retargeting strategies. Mentioned below are some of them.

Use burn pixel – Retargeting is meant for the visitors who have visited the site and have left it to browse others without making any purchase but in case the visitor has already made a purchase and you keep on advertising the products that he has already bought from you, it may irritate the customer. To avoid such situation use burn pixel which will untag those visitors who have made a purchase.

Design well branded ads – A relevant advertisement is a must for retargeting the visitor. Target the consumer according to demographical and geographic context. The ad should also be related to the brand and should somehow be hinting about the website as well. Prepare tailor made advertisements for the visitors of all demography.

Avoid overexposure – If a visitor has already visited a website he might visit it a couple of times again after seeing the ads or links on other sites but if these advertisements will keep on popping up again and again it may annoy the consumer. Hence it is better that one avoids over exposure of these advertisements. With the help of frequency caps you can limit the appearance of the ads per visitor.

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