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Facebook has given a completely diverse and classy definition to social media channels and being in the top position of social media it has gain popularity in terms of business as well. So if you are wondering how you can get quality likes on your facebook page or business page then there are some simple and smart strategies you need to follow.

Public Demand:There is this basic unsaid rule of socializing, that if you want people to listen to you, you will have to first listen to them. Keep on searching and stalking the latest social activities and public response to social norms and give them what they desire. Have real conversation, give them proper replies and keep in mind the difference between criticizing and telling something.

Latest updates:Nobody likes an outdated page; you need to search out all the latest news, viral update, and demands of public. You need to know what is trendy and post and serve things accordingly. You need to be aware of what is happening around you since you have to outsmart people to show them you know something. You have to listen, tell and make things work.

Engagement: Keep the page live and interesting to engage people in your social activities. Do not always promote your services and brands but also try to create a connection with your public. Having conversation with public is different than engaging them, your posts on facebook must have the knack to engage public since it will automatically gain their attention.

Negative comments: Things easily become fire on internet, so try to respond to negative comments as soon as possible and give your explanation. Not everybody is going appreciate your thinking and what you post, haters are everywhere, keep your explanations ready in advance so that you can beat them and save your status.

Maintain Authenticity:  Don’t be only the business oriented page, be authentic and share what you’re feeling like so that public can relate more with you. Share opinions, talk about latest social news and write good quality content about what you have in mind. Do not ask for likes and sit on their heads, just be original and they will like you.

Regular post: Maintain timing, post regularly but not too frequently. You have to engage public not irritate them, since you have to maintain your online presence amongst public for better engagement.