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Twitter just like facebook is quite renowned these, it is a micro blogging website and is engaging millions of users. Even after having the shortest word limit messages, twitter is promoting millions of message all over the world. People follow twitter like crazy and the trend of ‘following’ and hash-tagging things took birth on twitter and became common in no time. There is a specific way people posts things and connect with each other on twitter and it provides and amazing path to promote your message. Social media marketers use twitter accounts as a source or promoting client’s websites, blogs, products and services.

And here are some best ways to promote twitter account:

Avoid auto sending and protection setting:

There is a facility available on twitter that you can thread in your messages directly to facebook, but that is not helpful because both have different specifications and there you need operate two different accounts specifically. Using one account will save your time but that won’t bring your website much traffic. And do not use protection for your tweets unless you have some extreme cases.

Promote URL’s:

If you want to enhance the traffic then you need to adopt this SEO technique, post your URL links everywhere but try to avoid spamming because Google won’t accept it if there is too much copy pasting.

Put content precisely:

Use high quality content, avoid plagiarism, check spelling and grammar errors, don’t exceed the word limit, leave enough space for other retweets, use shorten links, keep a check on your comments, tweets and retweets, don’t overdo anything etc.

Share creatively using diverse sources:

If you are promoting something on social media channels keep this in mind on highest priority that public like variation and creativity, post interesting pictures, videos, links, including your creativity.

Keyword relevance:

One of the major aspect of marketizing your brand or services is to use target friendly keywords that can attract more n more public, use keywords related to subject and use them in link, URL’s and everywhere else.

Maintain timings:

Do not post too frequently but make them regularly, build your online presence strong to raise voice of your brand. Timings matter a lot so keep a track of what you are going to post at what time.

Engage public:

Post stuff that engages public, connect with public personally, ask them questions, share things they demand, play quizzes etc.