Unipro, an inventive digital marketing firm, is focused on this space of digital marketing media services in India & Abroad.

Being into ORM your clientele may range from customers individuals  to internationally reputed firms.  Taken up from Public Relations, the term expanded itself with the advancement of internet and  social media use, the reputation management has become a priority along with the search results. So you need to keep yourself updated about how you may keep your clients fresh in the minds of their customers.

To make this task easier, we are listing below a few tools that you may use-

  1. Google’s Me on the Web-

The tool is easy and accessible as it notifies when any personal data comes on the web. If you want to keep an eye about what appears on the web about your staff the tool could be really useful.

  1. Social Mention-

How is social media reacting towards your company? What is the entire buzz about? This tool will help you deciding the social sentiments around your firm.  With this tool, one can monitor multiple websites and even have a look at what people are talking about your company; all at one stop.

  1. Topsy-

One of a really impressive tool for Twitter, employ it to enhance your search by not just restricting it to key words. You can experiment with this tool as it facilitates you to look for key influencers related to your client’s industry and also have a tab on the social sentiment quotient. .

  1. IFTTT-

If this Then That- Working on the golden principle of If this happens, then do that , it lets  you decide your rules as per your needs, for example sending Instagram photos to Twitter or Facebook. You can use it for professional and professional requirements.

  1. IceRocket-

Business is not for lazy. Technology has fasten the process manifolds and so has our requirements. Now we don’t like to put in a lot many efforts in searching and locating. This is where IceRocket will help you! It will instantly help you locate blogs, Facebook pages or twitter accounts as per your needs!