digital media marketing

Unipro, an inventive digital marketing firm, is focused on this space of digital marketing media services in India & Abroad.

digital media marketing


The technology has advanced up to this extent today that the print media has lost a large chunk of its consumers to digital media. The generation today is tech-savvy and finds it convenient to follow news and articles on the internet rather than reading them on newspapers and magazines. The marketers also see the digital media as advantageous and have turned to this medium to market their products and services rather than advertise them in various channels of print media.

The educational sector too sees the digital media as more powerful and dominant medium over the print media. This is due to a few factors like –

  • Mass coverageDigital media marketing can target a much wider audience. A large number of students can be targeted at a single time. The reach is comparatively high because of the presence of tablets and smart phones. Students have access to the internet and thus digital media is the medium through which they can be reached out to.
  • Ease of access – The consumers of digital media marketing have easy access because of the availability of the internet. Students and parents can view and make themselves informed anytime. It is an active medium of transmission between both the marketers and the consumers. The web ensures that no potential students are left behind.
  • Flexible – Digital media provides flexibility as information regarding admissions and courses can be added and altered immediately. One does not have to wait for the next edition to go for print to update the details. It is a matter of seconds and changes and information can be made available easily.
  • Social sharing – Data can easily be shared over the internet. A lot of people can be made aware at a single time. Also information can be shared among students and made viral through social networking sites.
  • Feedback – Digital medium provides an opportunity of two way communication between the producer and consumer. The students can ask queries and clear their doubts. They can post questions and comments and further discussions can take place between other students and the author. Also one does not have to wait for a long period of time for the feedback because it can be immediately available via emails or comments.
  • Cost effective – Digital media is comparatively cost effective because publishing usually requires overhead, production and material costs which digital media does not require. It can reach out to a lot of users via a single distribution point thus saving energy and raw materials.

Unipro, a digital marketing agency, is thus helping educational institutions reach out to students and vice-versa by making information available online.