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A quick comparison of advertising on Google Vs Facebook Vs LinkedIn will help get a better idea of how their performance varies in terms of online advertising campaigns.

Let’s begin by understanding what are these?
Google Ads are based on the search of users. With this, you can target your audience specifically, based on the keywords that your audiences are entering into Google Search while looking.

Facebook Ads allows you to define your audience and target them based on location, demographics, interests and psychographics

LinkedIn Ads extends your reach to professional space, with this you can tap on  the industry verticals, company size, revenue, job functions, department, role, decision making levels and more.

Which of these will be perfect for you?
There are a few factors that decide effectiveness of these platforms. It will  depend on the end objectives, the nature of the product or business. Also, the cost of acquiring a customer or lead through each of this and whether it justifies what was spent running these ad campaigns

Google Adwords suits the requirement if you are in a hurry to generate leads or website visits. It captures the attention of the web user when they are actually in the process of looking for something and if you succeed in directing them to your site at that time, there’s a good chance it could convert  in a lead quickly.

Facebook Ads can be effective, if you are looking  for creating awareness, building a word of mouth fan-base and reaching out to target audiences. You can also engage your audience via a social media environment.

LinkedIn Ads are suggested if you are planning for B2B promotions It is the perfect platform to sell your services. It’s of no use to FMCG goods, consumer marketing or selling Diet Coke to the consumers!

To sum up all the above, we can conclude that the best way to go about the ads is to start and launch small budget test campaigns. This will give you enough scope to experiment, adjust and increase advertising spend on campaigns. You can decide and choose your suitable option based on  ads you see are bringing home the results. Each one of these online advertising platforms has something unique to offer , so each contributes to generating business or visitors for you!