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The era of 21st century has borne witness to a great deal of paradigm shift in every aspect of human life.
Innovation and creativity have been two inclusive features of such a shift, be it professionally, socially or individually. Digital marketing is one such concept of innovation andcreativity from businesses’ perspective. But, before going any further, let’s define “digital marketing”.

Digital Marketing is the pratice of promoting products and services using database-driven online distribution channels to reach consumers in a timely, relevant, personal and cost-effective manner

The increased use of internet and digital media is a major leverage in the field of education today. The sector of education is a completely metamorphosed sector owing to the existing majority of the population of students being the users of the internet. This has a direct implication on the fact that educational institutions and universities need to set the pace by bringing into service the increased use of mobile devices and internet to reach out to more students. Digital marketing is the best method that can be adopted to reach out to potential students.

Digital marketing utilizes and maximizes the use of social media platformto the most progressive extent. Social media is used to circulate information to a wider range of audience worldwide. Digital marketers formulate strategiesdepending on the need and requirement of the educational institutes. There are zillion tools of digital marketing that are judiciously put to use and the results yielded by these tools are measured from time to time to keep a track of progress.

Digital marketing is no longer a matter of choice but a necessary opportunity for educational institutes to make an indelible impact in the field of education. If education is the need of society then digital marketing is the need of education.