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Digital marketing basically revolves around one thing that is lead generation, which is a part of search engine marketing techniques. PPC technique is a paid technique but it results in a faster and easier way unlike SEO methods. It is one of the most appreciated technique but has one setback that is CPL (Cost per leads), it depends on targeting and keywords that how it is going to perform, and how much it is going to cost.

Here are some quick tips to cut down your CPL:
Review Ad: it is always better to perform the basic things first even when you are sure, review your accounts, run an ad performance report, and check your keywords, landing pages, content and designs. Change them if you like because content matters a lot since you basically have to convey your message clearly. It is important to update landing pages when they are not working because ultimately it can also be the reason behind bad quality score and high CPL.

Change keyword bid: This is simple option but you can apply it if you are focusing only on high CPL issue. If the keyword is converting but is crossing your budgeted CPL and is at top position then you can knock it down a bit. Or you can just lower down the keyword that is not working since you do not always have to be on top position.

Ensure performance by network:  Use network segmentation on your campaigns to check the performance and if search partner is not performing as expected then kick it out, it will improve your quality score and lower your CPL.

Ensure performance by device: If you are running campaigns in diverse devices like android phones, tabs, i-phone or any smart phone then you must check performance from each of these accounts too, since they can be the reason of your high CPL. Make sure that your landing page is working from all the devices, and web displays.

Add Negatives: This is one of the first things you should do if you have not done it in a while; adding negative will bring you qualified leads and restrict unqualified ones which infact is one of the most important things in terms of quality score.

Remarketing campaign: Another one of the most significant thing you can do to bring in quality score and enhance performance. Remarketing campaigns basically targets those who responded the first time. If you have a good budget then you can do that too, it is a highly recommended strategy.

Geo-performance:  Check your Geo targeting, many times the targeted audience or area do not bring much performance. Run an analyzer report to catch the glitch in your performance.