improve web page speed in 2020

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What is web page speed?
Web page speed means the page load time which your page takes to display the complete contents along with the time taken for the browser to receive the first byte of information from the server. Pages with longer load time have higher bounce rates since the users do not want to spend time waiting for a page to load. It also reduces the average time spent on the page. There are several ways to improve the web page speed in order to reduce bounce rates and improve the user experience, one of the best ways to do this is to hire the best SEO company in Delhi NCR to do your work.

  • Enable compression

Reduce the size of your CSS, HTML and JavaScript files in order to enable compression.

  • Optimize caches to improve page loading time

It is important to ensure that the mobile browser uses local memory to cache the various resources as this can assist you in avoiding unnecessary server requests which lead to a slow web page.

  • Minimize the image size in order to reduce the average page load time

Optimizing and resizing of images can ensure that the loading time is quicker since high-resolution images are usually heavy and use more bandwidth which takes longer to process. This ultimately leads to an increased web page loading time

  • Use a content distribution network

Content distribution networks are also popularly known as content delivery networks as these are essentially a network of servers which helps to distribute the load of the content that is being delivered. Copies of the website are stores across multiple diverse data centers so that the users can have a faster as well as more reliable access to the website. This helps in the improvement of web page speed.

  • Improve server response time

The server response time depends on the amount of traffic that the website receives along with the resources that each page uses and the software which the site uses. In order to improve web page speed, you need to improve the server response time which can be done by fixing issues of slow routing, lack of sufficient memory and a slow database query.

  • Leverage browser caching

Browsers use a lot of cache information so that when a visitor comes to your site once again, the browser does not have to reload the entire page content. Thus it is important to check whether or not you have an expiration date set for the cache data. You can fix a time duration for which you want the cache to be stored. Usually, a year is enough time for cache storage if your site design does not change often.Visit the website to get your website optimized in order to improve the loading speed of your pages. If not done properly, a slow web page can have a disastrous effect on your business. Thus contact us at our office to get a well-planned strategy for website. We are the top digital media company serving various clients all across the globe.