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In the last six decades, the higher education sector in India has witnessed exponential growth, both in terms of the number of institutions and the rate of enrolment. From just 30 universities and 700 colleges in 1951, today there are over 600 universities and 33,000 colleges. Similarly, with over 21.4 million enrolments in 2012, India has become the third largest education system in the world, after China and the U.S. Between 2010 and 2015, the market size of the higher education sector is expected to register a compounded annual growth of 25%, thus making it worth $57 billion by 2015. Indian students have been one of the top spending groups when it comes to pursuing higher education overseas. Courtsey :: Deloite

Indian parents give education their first priority when it comes to the future of their kids. A large population in India relates higher education and especially education from reputed institutes, with their social status. Some take is as an investment as well. You spend certain amount in good education and get many folds back with lucrative job opportunities. As unlike many other countries parents spends more at their kids education, Indian education market estimate is also higher here. Seeing this exceptional growth in the educational sector, not only the Indian institutes but several foreign educational institutes are also planning to introduce more options and support for students here.

Who are more active?
The number of educational institutes is growing that is evident. Almost all renowned businesses in India have shown their interest in this sector from the investment point of view and are active to make a major change as well. Apart from these people, there are many other groups that you will find active in this field to provide better opportunities to the students in country.

Online education sites – To encash this opportunity online education sites are making lot of efforts through targeted courses and marketing strategies. Most of the sites offer IT courses that include C++, C, Java and many programming languages. One may also enroll oneself for professional courses, hobby classes and more.

Online tuitions classes– Online coaching classes are offering courses with the help of which a student may easily clear the entrance examinations for most reputed educational institutes in India. You will also find courses that help students in getting admission in education institutes abroad.

Foreign universities – Foreign universities seem most overwhelmed with the Indian education market estimate and the enrolment growth and hence are offering Indian students a number of options, opportunity and support to study abroad.

Education counsellors – Education counsellors suggest students which field they should peruse, which institute they should pick, how to apply for these institutes, what student should do to study abroad etc. Digital marketing agencies like Unipro Education help the students by bringing them information about the institutes that offer overseas education opportunities, how and what kind of financial support they can get for education and answers to their many other education related queries.