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Internet marketing has emerged as new marketing tool and being used by many companies to extend their business and reach their potential target audience within no time. A well designed marketing strategy can help companies to improve the sales and enhance their overall business. A marketing strategy requires knowledge various media tools such as of social media, search engine optimization, blogs, emailers, affiliate marketing and much more. For those who have not tried their hands in internet marketing can explore this new avenue for better business results. If you are ready to start a new business or about to launch a new product, then you should research, create and track a marketing strategy online. Below are the steps to create an internet marketing strategy.

Create brand name & image in advance: It is necessary that before making a marketing strategy you should develop your brand name and image before communication with your market. In present competitive world it is really important to develop a brand name and image as it is necessary for creating brand awareness and building strategy. It helps you to differentiate amongst competitors, so it is important to select a name, trademark, website, letterhead and business plan before inaugurating a strategy.

Identify your competitors and study their strategies:
 Before making your business and digital marketing strategy it is important that you must do some research to identify their sales process, including their marketing strategies. Find out the past and ongoing marketing strategies of your biggest competitors, it will help you to figure out what works for them and what did not work for them in the market scenario.

Study your market: Before making your digital marketing strategy you should decide first that if you are part of a niche market or not. If you are part of that potential market you should develop your strategy on that demographic area, instead of all Internet consumers. Select your target audience and choose your demographic area, in order to develop a well-researched and customised digital marketing strategy. Therefore, concentrate on the majority of your online marketing budget on your ideal demographic.

Build your business strategy around your competitor’s successful strategies: Your must do market research which will help you in understanding the wider perspective and must tell you the small and even broader areas of digital marketing. It should tell you how many followers your competitors have on Facebook, how many people receive their e-mailers, and people participate in comment on their blog entries. This indicates that the demographic responds well, and these campaign should be first on your list for strategy.

Launch different marketing campaigns at once: If you are thinking to increase your brand recognition you should launch various marketing campaign at the same time. The following are marketing strategies that you should look for starting within a few weeks of each other.

  • Create social media accounts and update interesting material on day-to-day basis.
  • Write SEO articles by using various keywords related to your products to spread awareness regarding your product.
  • Create email lists. Send emails to perspective target audience on monthly basis or fort-nightly basis.
  • Create videos of people using your product, you can use these videos via your website and other sites such as You Tube, Vimeo, Facebook or other places in order to bring more people to your site.
  • Communicate your brand image, videos or other product info on banner ads.

Create a Google Analytics account: The best way to track the performance of your campaign and ads you should create a Google analytics account. Create a campaign covering all your strategy so that you can expect the best return on investment.

Launch your campaign consistently: While launching your campaign you should be consistent with your frequency, if your method requires communication with customers. Follow through all of your orders as soon as possible, in order to create good reviews on your website and other marketplaces.