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Everyone who is dealing with websites, be it through online business or in the business of creating them are no longer unaware of the term responsive website designs. The fact of the matter is that professional website design companies make it a point of creating only the designs that are responsive today, mainly because of the huge market acceptance of smart phones and people browsing websites through them.

While there are numerous tools for creating responsive websites, it gets really tough when one tries to find a tool that tests and debugs one. The following tools are built for testing responsive testing and can help you with every kind of web testing in terms of responsive design.

Design Modo

Design Modo is arguably the biggest free online web application that is specifically built for users who needed to test their responsive web layouts effectively. Design Modo’s interface is completely drag-able and resizable without changing the browser window. Testers will find a scale that is fixed on the top of the age along with manual inputs to resize along with custom drop down menu that also include a pre-determined size chart for different kinds of smart devices that include smart phones, tabs and e-readers.

Design ModoResponsive Test

Responsive Test can be termed as an alternative to Design Modo. This web application is also built for the same purpose and have similar drop downs and drag-able options to test the responsiveness of your website design. Website design companies that prefer a root domain use responsive test as their main testing agent, because it provides a great bundle of features to test and although not as packed with features as Design Modo, it still manages to serve the purpose quite seamlessly.

Responsive Test


Responsive inspector

Google Chrome is by far the most reliable and fastest web browsers available and many developers have benefited from the platform for creating browser extensions. Responsive Inspector’s current user base is about 60,000. This extension adds an icon to your toolbar and lets you check individual media query breakpoints.

Responsive inspector

More display resolutions

We have discussed about the extensions that work great with Chrome. But what about the users of Firefox? Need not worry as More Display Resolutions is there on the Firefox website. This extension offers some basic tools for resizing and testing responsive website designs on pre-set dimensions.

But that’s not all. Firefox also have another checking extension just like responsive inspector. Its called FireBreak and both of these extensions are completely free and provide the best toolkit for debugging a responsive layout in Mozilla’s foxy browser.

More display resolutions

RWD Bookmarklet

If you’re not a fan of browser extensions, why not try a bookmarklet instead? This is just a link written in JavaScript that runs from your booksmarks toolbar. RWD Bookmarklet is a free tool and super easy to install. Just go to the website and look for the dark blue button.

Drag that link into your bookmarks toolbar and then visit any website you want to check. It’ll add a dynamic black bar to the top of the window with custom settings for landscape/portrait on touchscreen devices. Keep in mind that this is all written in JavaScript and runs within the browser’s rendering engine. It’s not a fully-fledged extension or webapp, so it may feel a little clunky. But it’s great for simplicity’s sake and runs perfectly on all Operating systems from Linux to Unix and Microsoft.


So these are the few responsive testing tools that are used by professional website design agencies to ensure maximum output of designs that they create for their clients. I hope you liked the information and for any more details upon the testing mechanisms that are followed at professional design agencies, please get in touch with one in your city.