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Unipro, an inventive digital marketing firm, is focused on this space of digital marketing media services in India & Abroad.

Digital Marketing refers to advertising a brand or product using different forms of digital media. Today, internet has become the hub of knowledge and entertainment. If someone is looking for any type of information, they can get it with just a click. Any website you come across, have certain number of small corners that comprises of some sort of advertisement. It can be anything. The promotion may or may not be related to the website you have visited. But, it helps in reaching the client in best ways.

Seeking online admission in universitie
Advertisers target social media sites to a large extent. This helps them in catering the youth up to large extent. Today, the whole world is revolving around internet for its day-to-day life also. Even if some -one wants to get admission in a particular institute, college or university, all this could be done without moving here and there. You just don’t need to go anywhere. Everything can be done online.

If we talk about colleges, everything can be seen through digital media’s perspective. It includes online counselling for getting admission in colleges, getting information about different aspects of colleges, online application forms for universities, etc.

Today Universities are offering different strategy plans for students to adopt different courses in the field of digital marketing. The most important career option in this field can be of –

–          Digital Marketing Executive: In this career you have to promote a product/ brand for your client. You can create polls or some exclusive offers to attract the consumer. You can use some fancy tagline to reach the consumers.

–          Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist: Here, you have to work on the popularity of websites. The amount in number of hits on your link, can give you a higher ranking in Google.

–          Media Planner: Here, you are the whole and sole for formulating strategies for a company’s brand. You work within the company to promote products through different media channels. You have to decide which type of media will best suit according to a product.

–          Media Buyer: Media Buyers work parallel to media planners. They manage the space online and help in reaching the target audience in best possible way. Their target is achieving maximum clients at minimum cost.

Art Director: This field is creative beyond imagination. You need to design a proper strategy for a brand to attract the consumers.