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Best Strategies for Online Reputation Management

If you are an entrepreneur so the reputation of your company is most prominent for you. Therefore, it is really important that you will make good image of your company to attract more customers and to sustain the existing ones. A bad image will impact on your overall sales graph, your employees and above all your overall revenue and budget of the company. There are many companies which really don’t bother to build a good image of their company by using online media. They are least bothered how good their company looks in Google searches, and where it ranks and how easily people find them on various search engines.

The main element to protect your brand, as per online reputation management experts is use various online media methods and tricks, to stay proactive, optimizing content, monitor search results regularly, and always be ready to manage and face negative publicity and feedbacks, and always stay realistic with your approach and efforts.

1. Optimize your site with your company name: It is really important that you optimize various pages of your company’s website using all relevant and important keywords and phrases-such as your company’s name, brand name, product names etc. Optimization of more than one page is really important as it will help your website to remain ahead in searches or near the top of search results. It will give more visibility to your site in search results, it may also help to control and manage traffic.

2. Diversify Your Web Presence: You should target that you proactively own as many places and slots in Google top 10 search results for keywords which rank or important for your website. It will increase your company’s visibility for respective keyword. It will also help your company to minimize negative content about your company or its products. It will help you to control your content and make it work for you in positive manner.

3. Make Linked in Profile for Social Media: Presently, to boost your brand value and build your image companies spend lots of time and put lots of efforts on social media. If you just want to focus on one mode of social media than promote your company on LinkedIn, as people are more focused there. It will help your prolife to rank higher as compared to any other social media network. If it is particularly important for B2B companies, as many people search on LinkedIn instead of Google for professional services.

4. Get your site linked with other sites: Anchor text is hyperlinked words or phrases, which will help the visitors to land on the webpage with respective detailed information if they clicked on the hyperlink. It will help you to develop relevancy of the pages being linked. If various pages on authoritative, trustworthy sites link to the text, it will help that particular article to rise in search result ranking for phrases.

5. Manage your search results proactively:
 To know how good your company is in search results and where it is ranking Google your company’s name at least once in a month, or you can do it frequently to identify the search results. Don’t just look at the first page of Google results, even as large numbers of visitors don’t go further to next pages. You should at least check pages two and three for negative content. Keep a look on the content of the website and even second and third pages of search results to identify the negative content and to improve the ranking of your website.