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There is no doubt that we are all somehow connected to social media channels, no matter what source we are using but we do have the idea about latest upcoming stuff and virals going on  over internet. Social media has become the ultimate platform for spreading latest news, rumors, and thousand of things either god or bad. It spreads many political and social things happening around the world which is a good thing; people are learning things more than they even though of learning over social media however it is becoming a topic of discussion that is it good that the usage of media platform has become so common.

Using social media is a modern norm and it growing intense only, but along with the latest news and activities around the whole world it is also shamming about the whole world.  People are using it to spread rumors and what makes it worse when they start commenting on socially and politically wrong statement which concerns racial discrimination and many other things. The basic gibberish tendency of people comes out when it comes to race or racism, which social media is spreading even though not materialistically.

Though there are many statements and jokes have become a trend to lighten the situation, basically converting the hate speeches into light humor. Whereas at one end people are trying to kill racism, social media channels are feeding fire to it. The problem is that people say things what suits them which initially cuts the real context, words ping from one place to another and become something very inappropriate. So the basic question arises that is it even right to use social media like this?

A lot of times people try to spread some cause or ask for just for some social cause but along with supporters they also receive unwelcomed haters, and you cannot stop them because they have a right to say or speak anything. Many people now are scared that social media will kill the thoughtful thinking and the left pieces of humanity.