Video Marketing

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Video advertising has grown into a key marketing tool to attract the majority of internet users.  Video marketing for education sector helps institutes to boost the conversion and sales.

Video marketing is the latest addition to the promotion toolbox of the online businesses.  Is it really worthy to use videos for the promotion of businesses? Do you have enough resources to apply that video content in the marketing techniques?

The answer is Yes! It is worth, not only because everyone is using video advertising for the promotion of their products and services, but it is the most profitable digital marketing tool too.  If you are not using this tool as a part of marketing then you are lagging behind. These days, audiences watch videos and then make a decision about the organization. These ads convert sales and perform great in today’s internet world.  Videos are the excellent way to inform and educate the customers as they convey huge information in a short span of time.  It plays a great role in education sector as posting a high impact video grabs the attention of students and their parents.

Today’s audience looks for the content that is not only informational but also engaging. This is especially true for young generation. More than 85% of institutes have their presence on YouTube which is important to stay at the top position to meet the growing demands of video marketing professionals.  The educational and tutorial videos create awareness among the viewers. Through videos, institutes can introduce their facilities, courses, classroom teaching methodologies and much more to the prospective target audience.

Reasons why one should use video marketing/advertising?

Here are the top reasons of using video marketing for promoting any business including educational institutes:

  1. Boosts conversions and sales:  Adding a product video on the landing page increase conversions by 80%. It directly leads to sales. As per a research, 74% users who watch videos related to educational programs offered by an institute enroll themselves in that particular course.
  2. Videos for better ROI:  The research shows that video advertising offers a good return on investment. Videos need not to be perfect but they should carry the right content and information. There are so many video editing tools available online that are not only improving constantly but are affordable too.
  3. Video builds trust: Trust is important for sales and conversion. Building trust is highly important for the institutes.
  4. Video appeals to mobile users:  Videos and mobiles go hand-in-hand in the present mobile era. People love to watch videos on the go. So always give users a better choice in video content to attract the largest audience.
  5. Video marketing can explain everything:  Are you launching a new course? Create a video and see how it works. 98% users say that they have watched an explainer video to understand about the program and its course benefits.  45% of the institutes who use video advertising said that the video was very effective. Posting a product video on the Home page brings the best sales.

 Video also encourages social sharesSocial media networks encourage video content. Social shares help in increasing traffic to a website.  Making of these videos requires creativity and knowledge of the human psychology.  It is the easiest way to target the audience you want to interact to. Video wins over other forms of advertisements and allows one to communicate the maximum information in a short message.