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Search advertising helps to place your institute on top of the search engine result pages that help you get more admissions. These ads attract high quality traffic and deliver maximum results.

Marketing in education sector is notoriously challenging. With the rise of digital marketing, marketing an educational institute has become even more complex and competitive. That’s why, 4 out of 5 students consider internet as the main source of information to choose the relevant course and college? Almost all students browse internet for collecting information about educational institutes and courses.

Today, students are more aware and search online for the information they seek. Digital marketing has become important for the educational institutes and universities to introduce their programs and to attract the prospective students.  Admission season is approaching and search advertising is one of the best marketing strategies that can help institutions to meet their target.  In today’s internet era, the older ways of advertisements using brochures, leaflets etc. will work in limited extent and in order to reach the right prospects at the right time, considering digital strategies would prove to be highly beneficial.

What are search advertisements?

 Search advertising is a method of placing online advertisements of any business on the web pages that show results from the queries at the search engines. These advertisements are targeted to match the keywords entered by the users. These ads help an institute to differentiate among their competitors. These campaigns allow the institutes to target students based on service locations and individual colleges. Hiring a digital marketing company for search advertisements offers highly relevant search results based on the student’s queries.

How search advertisements help institutes?

Paid search ads increase the visibility of the institute for the search engines and divert the right traffic to the institute’s website that results in more admissions.  One might think search engine optimization also yields the same benefits then why to spend on paid advertising?

Answer to this is that increasing the search engine ranking organically isn’t free. You need not to pay money but you need to make extra efforts to maintain the quality. Furthermore, good SEO doesn’t happen in a day or two, but it takes a few months to accumulate the content and for search engine to view that content to rank high.  Let’s have a look at the benefits of search advertising:

  1. Get on the first page of search engine: There is a limited space for the top positions in the organic search engine results and despite best efforts, you might not get those top ranks. But the search ads can get you in front of the highly targeted students within a few minutes.
  2. Maintain the reputation: Search ads maintain the reputation of an institute. Just like the organic rankings, search engines have a set of requirements and factors for paid rankings to ensure that these ads are trustworthy and relevant.

People who click on ads are most likely to buy your services:  People who see these paid search advertisements are those searching for the institutes for a particular course. They might do so because it is something they want to involve themselves for now or in near future.