SEO is Dead? Do you agree?

SEO is one of the most talked about and used term in digital marketing. SEO is used to promote your brand and increase your company’s visibility without investing too much money. Google make changes from time-to-time to make search engine work better and show better results to users. SEO is being used to improve the ranking of your website in Google’s search engine. In digital marketing one of the oldest clichés on the internet, SEO being dead is about as old as search engine optimization. As Google rolls out its latest update (May Day, Caffeine, The Farmer Update, the latest Panda tweak, Penguin, the EMD update, Penguin 2.0, Hummingbird), people are cheering the death of SEO right on queue. If you search for this argument “SEO is dead” or “Is SEO dead” it will bring result from both sides of the argument, though you will notice those who give argument in its support and against it.

The truth is that SEO is incredibly basic. If we look at the standard view of on-page factors-you know all that cliché crap like title tags, H tags, alt attributes, good keyword choices, properly keyword-laden content etc. and align them with your off-page efforts, and voila-you are ranking. This should all be incorporate into any basic web designer or web development team’s plan these days.

Do off-page efforts count as SEO? The main job of SEO is to optimizing your website for the search engines, right? These days it’s an all encompassing process of getting your website ranked. This process includes the process of getting backlinks using means that are whitehat, blackhat and everything in between.

Spamming may be involved, if you are practicing the same, in this aspect and further more “article marketing” which is lesser form of spam that generally involves paying for articles in maximum numbers from content sweat shop and submitting them to article directories. This is a perfectly valid way to get your sites ranked. All these articles which are used for directory submission are not meant to be so well written or “high quality content” but they perform the task for you. You can see such kind of content in bulk on web at the top of the search results and the main reason behind this scenario is these articles are stuffed with right kind of keywords. You should search for “how to” do this job done and SEO work for you.

In SEO most of the basic practices are similar to the previous practices which were used in the initial days of SEO. The most important thing is that a lot of this is fluid and intangible. This means that people who are looking for specific numbers will drop long before they see results for their efforts. Fortunately for me, and my mediocre efforts, that really decreases the standard of the SEO.

The people who are supporting that the SEO is dead claim dead seem to be flocking to social media. Because it is simple and inexpensive. It is really simple to post a Tweet and thinking that you are going to do some real work.