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It has never been so vital for companies to appear online as it is now, online promotion has become a fever over internet and to which SEO plays the most important role. There have been many Google updates in recent years which have severely affected SEO but that doesn’t mean it is dead or can die. It is still the major aspect of internet marketing and it will remain the main source of optimizing, publicizing and promoting website.

Social media optimization is getting bruised because of its negative tricks, there are two types of SEO techniques, the white hat SEO and black hat SEO, out of which black hat is negative one. Google has taken some very influential steps against spamming and negativity over internet which has affected a vital role play of SEO. But organic SEO is still active and is important as ever. Google and optimization basically has become advanced, for the fact that optimizers have used it quite harmfully to promote websites rapidly; Google was left with no choice except updating its features. There are many steps it has taken to affect the negate usage of black hat society and off page optimization. Things like door way, clocking, plagiarisms, unoriginal data are completely destroyed by Google which is a good thing for internet.

What is left for optimization is organic usage, optimization that use organic techniques are still in good shape and improvisation is never wrong. Yes, it is no longer easier for SEO’s to promote website rapidly and easily since the old notions will fail now but with much better outlook and better techniques they can achieve the heights for their websites. It is better to evolve with natural and organic techniques and also there is no other choice.

Here are some recent Google updated that affected Search engine optimization:

2014 updates!

  • Unnamed Update — March 24, 2014: This update was never confirmed by Google but rank fluctuation was noticed.
  • Page Layout #3 — February 6, 2014: Google “refreshed” their page layout algorithm, which affected the blunder of ads on pages.

2013 Updates!

  • Authorship Shake-up — December 19, 2013: authorship mark-up disappeared from roughly 15% of queries.