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Content marketing in 2018 has grown away from just creating content to more about building audiences. How do you build the right audience, its only through content personalization. Every industry has its niche and there is no better tool than content marketing today to engage with your audiences both on online and offline mediums.

In 2015 Gartner had published a statistics that by 2018 companies that have fully invested in all types of content personalization will outsell companies that have not by 20 percent.  So what really is content personalization? In simple words content personalization is strategy that exploits visitors or prospects data to deliver relevant content based on interest and preference of the target audience.

How to personalize content?  It’s through data that you extract from your loyal customers through social media and your websites. Data is the key to creating content and acts like a backbone to your content marketing campaign. How can you create your content personalization strategy? For starters you can look at the following areas.

Active Social Media Presence
Education institutes can personalize their content through engaging with students on social media and understanding which content is more popular among their target audience and on which platform. Always helps to add more than one social media platform to your portfolio the target audience of education institute is not only young but also dynamic which does not stick to one social platform for very long time.

Attractive Landing Pages
Content that you publish on your landing page has a direct impact on your conversion and its like a funnel linked that is linked to your ad campaigns and best way to get more conversion is through a personalized content strategy on the landing pages. Keeping the target audience of students in mind education marketers should look at more dynamic landing pages, which engages with the audiences.

Most Searched Topics
Keeping the students audience in mind education marketers should create content on topics, which are searched by their target audience. The topics like career prospects of an upcoming course, financing for education in most effective manner, future opportunities of an upcoming career offering are some hints to create good content for an education institute.

Engage on various social platforms
Today students across are researching for more information on the education institute through social media pages, website and Quora. It is very important hence for the education institute to populate good content about the institute on their social pages. The key is to create interesting content, which gives information around the life in the college, social life around college and so on. Colleges can also look at highlighting their key festivals which are a good way for students to look into the life overall in a college.

Social listening and planning content strategy
Social media listening tools, also known as social monitoring tools help identify the kind of conversations happening around the brand on social media. Also you can track your competitors and their social media activities through a good social listening tool.  Once you have key content pegs like college fees structure, courses offered and placement related content polluted well in the content mix through the right content strategy it channelizes the audiences to your digital campaigns.