digital marketing

Running a business is all about attracting customers and making brisk sales for maximum profit. But businesses need to go about this task in a smart way and shouldn’t just focus on selling their product or service by hook or by crook. A customer-driven marketing strategy is critical as it is concentrated around your current and potential customers and how to offer them more value through your product.

There are many ways to woo a customer through apt marketing but the people concerned with building a strategy in this regard must take two questions seriously and get their answers. The two questions are:

  • What type of customers we will serve (Your Target Market)
  • How can we serve our customers in the best way possible (You Value Proposition)

Before discussing the above mentioned two points, please keep in mind that if you are also a budding entrepreneur or businessman and want to take the world by storm, you need to make sure you start your business through a strong presence on the Internet. While social media platforms are great for marketing, an ecommerce business without a website which is attractive to look at and have all the features through which a person can buy your product is a necessity.

Targeting your Customer and offering them Value Proposition
If you live or work in the Big Apple, you definitely the assistance from a company offering web design in New York. Coming back to the 2 main questions that I mentioned earlier, it is extremely critical as the company must know what type of customers they need to serve, that is, their target market. You must have heard about a business launched and suffered huge losses as they didn’t get into account their target market. This is one of the basic mistakes people make before starting and launching their product.

A startup or small business need to go make sure whom they are targeting as with their limited marketing budget, they need to be really specific with their campaign. The next question about serving your client in the best possible way is purely concerned with the value proposition. This is all about differentiating and positioning yourself in the marketplace. Your product’s value proposition is the set of benefits or values you will promise to your customer.

Look at Nike’s logo, “Just Do It” or AT&T’s “Your world. Delivered” taglines. These two lines instantly create a bond with the customer as one pushed them to the limit to pursue their dreams while the other is all about creating a strong bond with the customers. This is exactly the type of value proposition every new firm must look to achieve. Obviously it will be difficult to achieve right from the word go but with the passage of time this should be your ultimate goal.