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Unipro’s Key Findings on Keyword Searching Process:

  •       For July to Aug admission session student start searching from January to July out of which April to July are the key months that have maximum searches on an average of 4 Lacs/month on Google.
  •       Most of the users are 18 to 22 year old and come under the same category.
  •       New Delhi, Pune and Bangalore are the most converting cities with better CPL as compare to other tier 1 and tier 2 cities.
  •       More than 50% user search on mobile devices to find the best B-School.
  •       Every year there is a rise of 5-10% in CPC compared to previous year as per Unipro Adwords campaign history analysis. The most common cause to this is increase in competition level.


Here are the top 5 remarkably performing Search Keyowrds for MBA:


1.     Top MBA colleges in India

2.     BestMBA colleges in India

3.     Top 10 MBA colleges in India

4.     Top 10 MBA college in India

5.     Top 10 MBA colleges


These keywords include:


  • High search volume
  • High relevancy
  • High conversion rate
  • Low Cost per lead
  • High Lead Volume

Graph that represents the Monthly Google Searches for these keywords:







Courtesy: Unipro