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To expand your company’s online presence you need to hit the major buzzer of internet, which is social networking channels, you have to promote your brand or services on social media because online presence has become a necessity over past years and if you want to survive in market you will have to adapt this factor of modernization. There are many networking websites that provide you a platform to achieve heights if you follow their trends precisely.

Top 10 SMO Websites and their Features


  1. Facebook: First n for all, create a business account on facebook if haven’t till now because it is the leading website and almost everybody uses facebook. It is an amazing platform to share numerous things about your company, you can share links, pictures, videos, products and services of your company and related to your business which will automatically generate traffic and people will get aware of your online picture.
  2. Twitter: Twitter has its own trends of connecting people, even after having a short text limit it spreads your words like fire, following people and companies and hash tagging is majorly inspired by twitter, which literally helps you in spreading the message you want convey in a great manner.
  3. LinkedIn: It is specially designed to connect business networks, recruiters and job seekers. It is completely based on business networking and people join it to know about companies and people and their work so, if you create an account on LinkedIn, it will facilitate you in generating traffic on your website.
  4. YouTube: YouTube is the best way to share video about your products and services, and if you have this misconception that people do not watch video then revolutionize your thought because there are millions of users of YouTube and youth these days love to watch creative video so, make one and share it and you can also create account and people to subscribe you.
  5. Instagram: Instrgram is in dominance of youth, it only involves pictures and you can share your product pictures on Instagram it will be available on worldwide basis automatically. selfies, hash tags, and pictures are the major things happens on instagram.
  6. Google+: it is directly connected with Google and what else people seek for, you can share everything on Google+ and join and create groups over it to connect with public directly.
  7. Myspace: It is also a social networking website which supports music and everything else too. You can share links, pictures, videos and anything else you want to.  It will generate traffic on your website and it will rank high on social engines.
  8. Stumble: It is majorly known for bookmarking, which helps in generating keyword friendly URLs on various links over internet.
  9. Digg: It is not as effective as others but still is better than many, it is a new generator and you can put news and updates about your company on it to let people know about your current updates and services.
  10. Traffup: It not only brings massive free traffic, but also free twitter followers and retweets.