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Blogging is a trendy way to promote your business and services, you create a smart blog and post interesting and information oriented posts to let people know about your work. But if your blog isn’t working and you gain no traffic then you are doing it wrong since blogs are the smartest and cheapest way to publicize your image and brand.

Here are some tips you can follow to promote your blog:

Enable your share/like buttons for users: Empower you users with like buttons, subscription, and share buttons so that they can promote or share your words easily just by a simple click on their preferred social media channel. It will not only be comfortable for users but also it will enhance your circle. It will bring traffic to your blog, and also make sure that these buttons are prominently visible.

Answer your Users: If you want people to know you well, take an initiative by commenting on other blogs and replying smartly on your posts. It really matters a lot how your reply because it is possible that not everyone is going to like your posts, so you must always be ready to welcome negative e comments. Read other blogs and comment there, you will catch their attraction since it is important to make your space online.

Engagement: Engaging public is different than conversing with them; engage them with your posts, pictures, videos or things related to what your blog is about. Share posts regularly, create a chart or something which can help you in keeping a track of what you are posting each day. Stay aware of what is going around you and post something related to that event, if your blog is generic and doesn’t focus on particular subject.

Target: You can target public on blog; write posts that you know will interest top bloggers and public. Post your blog links to publicize them and catch people’s attention. Because it will be a piece of cake for you if they find your link interesting.

Quality Content: Make sure your content is sharable, write qualitative and interesting content, and don’t bore your public. Do point out information but in an interesting way.  Target keywords since keyword play a very vital role in online marketing.

Social Media/Online forum: Use top social media channels to promote your blog because your public really likes social media and you are going to find many users there if your content is appealing and your channels are working. You can also participate in online forum discussion and if you gain enough attention then you can share your blog links to show people your work.

Blog button/reference: If you have a website then create a blog button there which redirects user to your blog from website, you can also create application on social media about your blog and also can mention your blog link on your business card.