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Along with various renowned social networking websites, LinkedIn has also maintained its place on top as one of the best business oriented channels. If you are looking forward to increase your contacts or enhance your network for the betterment of your business then you must create an account on LinkedIn.

Here are some factors you should keep in mind:

  1. Create profile: Create a detail oriented account of your business on LinkedIn, to make it wacky, provide all the information you want people to know about you and keep it open for connections. It makes it easier for people to connect with you and know about your business and services.
  2. Use polls: Create LinkedIn polls to connect better with your targeted audience to see what they are thinking and are talking about you. You can sit behind the scene and stalk what their views are.
  3. Interact and answer: Try to build up confidence of public by commenting on their views and replying to their questions. This form of interaction can be very helpful in showing what kind of image you have of yourself.
  4. Updating: You can post multiple posts about your business and creative stuff to engage your audience and to entertain them. Update frequently but not too much, you do not create a power buzz over it. Make it creative, entertaining and helpful for audience.
  5. Create group and participate: Create group to generate traffic and to target specific public. It will publicize your brand name and services; you can also participate in groups and connect with public. And if you want people to join your group then you will also have to join theirs.
  6. Ask out: Asking your clients for recommendation is one of the best ways to appear good online, ask them to endow you with testimonials to show people how good you are with work since it will be a evidence of your excellence.
  7. Use creativity and smart content: Take LinkedIn seriously, make it a part of your job to interact with your business network and post smart stuff. Status, links, pictures and everything else should be smart, detail oriented, intelligent and entertaining as well.
  8. Post job opportunities: LinkedIn is renowned for the aspect of finding and offering jobs, it is the best platform to find the appropriate connections. You can find the perfect employee and also check all of his details easily.
  9. Promote: If you want a great deal of promotion and want to generate more traffic and leads than you can also run an Ad-campaign directed to LinkedIn. And that PPC method will greatly benefit your business.
  10. Use ‘Company Buzz’: There is this application available to track down what’s in the region of your twitter and LinkedIn account. You can use it too if you want, it will make it easier for you to get details about the activities and measure the impact.