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Already been posting on Facebook, Twitter and similar platforms, to engage the decent following? But what’s next? How can I use it social media to drive leads for my business?

If done right, social media can be an extremely powerful tool for lead generation. The key here is patience, a lot of testing and the dedication to post highly-valuable content for the contemporary and ever-curious audience.

On the basis of our ruffling through various articles on web and brainstorming with the team about the upcoming trends in the market, we were able to prepare a cheat sheet on how can you channelize social media on generating more leads.

In the beginning the challenge of getting the initial leads to feed the top of the funnel is the most important. A look at the ways how this may be accomplished takes to the gist listed below-

Blogging: By the way of consistently publishing new content, one can generate good leads. It may take time but effectiveness is bound to come through.

Email: Keeping your existence fresh in the minds of prospective leads is very important. So one can repeatedly email the existing subscribers, or can rent or buy a list of email addresses and you may be targeting great new leads for your business.

Social media:  Once you have generated enough buzz and fans on social platforms, expose them to new prospects. However, it doesn’t mean those followers are in your target market but few may turn into prospective leads.

Organic search: Organic ranking is the top of the heap. Approximately 85 percent of search clicks come from page one organic listings, and the clicks are free!

PPC: You can instantly record your appearance on page one and be in front of people who are searching for the solution to their problems. More people are acquainted of your market presence and what you have added to your offers.

And voila, you are set to have leads in your kitty!

If you are considering social media to effectively generate leads you need to indulge it as a key part of your overall content marketing machine. .

Before you optimize your posts for lead generation, let’s take you through three possible lead generation paths:

Social channel > Blog post with link to a relevant landing page (gated content) > lead

Social channel > Gated content > lead

Social channel > Blog post > Visitor signs up for mailing list via signup forms strategically placed on your blog (lead).