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Behavioral retargeting is the process of marketing that allows targeting new visitors who have already visited your website. This marketing tool drives more results and sales to your website.

Different website visitors act differently on your website. The traffic you get on your site is composed of visitors with different intentions. Some are there for purchasing your services or products, some are for joining your company, some are there for just researching, and others are perhaps there by mistake and do not have any interest in what you are trying to sell. Most landing pages and websites on the internet are same for all these different types of visitors. That is why we see sites crammed with multiple call-to-actions (free trial, buy now, like us on Face book, sign up for newsletter and what not). These sites try to appeal to all kinds of visitors, but finally, end up appealing nobody. Now imagine having one call-to-action personalized to each visitor type!

Behavioral targeting is a method that lets you attain precisely this. This method of marketing is used to target different offers, content, campaigns or variations for different visitors depending on their attributes and behavior on your website. Behavioral retargeting and remarketing take into consideration the products and pages you have viewed, and then show them again even if you are not on the original site. Both Face book and Google provide retargeting options in their respective advertising platforms. You can personalize your retargeting ads based on:

  • Location – You use location to promote a local event for individuals who live in a particular area and have visited your site.
  • Time-based targeting – You could promote certain offers for New Year, Christmas Eve, or simply bring back visitors that have not browsed your website for a while.
  • The last URL your visitors viewed – You can also use retargeting option to promote an opt-in offer.

Benefits of behavioral retargeting

Behavioral Re-targeting is a form of marketing that shows ads to your previous visitors with an aim to drive them to your site again. If you are using re-targeting option, Face book is the best platform you would want to advertise on. It not only monitors visitors’ activity, but also takes the interests of any specific consumer into account. Some of the key benefits of retargeting are as follows:

  • Generates higher click numbers – It gives marketers and advertisers a chance to get far more clicks than they usually would, as they are reaching out directly to their audience.
  • Converts visitors into consumers – For any business to be successful, it is crucial to monitor consumer behavior and the activities that are taking place on your site. Behavioral retargeting does all of this for you, tracking all the important parameters that your clients leave behind, so that you could determine how to reach and convert them.

Improves ROI – As a business, you need to get good return on your investments. Behavioral remarketing can have a positive impact on your ROI as it helps to get more clicks and also turns those clicks into sales.