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As per Google, “a negative keyword is a keyword that prevents your ads from showing on irrelevant search queries.” Negative keywords are an important part of any campaign because they help make sure that your ads appear only to people looking for what you offer.

Other benefits that you may have through adding negative keywords are-

–          It can increase your ROI.

–          Reduce CPC and

–          Accentuate the click through rate (CTR).

Are these important?

  1. It will help your product appear on the relevant page.
  2. Will help us distracting the unproductive traffic by not appearing on unrelated search.
  3. Helps you restrict your funds only on the clicks that will convert.

How do we start with negative keywords?

There are two levels on how you can go about the negative keywords; one can be through Campaign negative keywords and the other way could be at Adgroup level. Usually, as the trend calls you can put in all your negative keywords at the Campaign level itself. You can do it by going to “Edit Campaign Negative Keywords”, there you can insert your negative keywords under the “Tools” menu.

That’s not it, while choosing the keywords or putting them in, you are required to keep a few important things in mind, which could be-

  1. Pay attention when choosing negative keywords. Don’t choose them blindly and keep them minimal. Too many negative keywords will restrict number of users searching for it.
  2. The negative keywords should not be too vague or lame.
  3. Your ad may also show up if anybody searches for a phrase that’s longer than 10 words and your negative keywordfollows that 10th word.
  4. The best technique to be employed here would be  to avoid miss triggering between the two same keywords of separate match types.

Please employ Google’s search box to figure out what are the information that those searching are getting, if they look for your client’s brand. Pay attention to what you see,if you come across any information that is negative, make sure you mention it in your negative keyword to avoid traffic from distracting. To access this report go to Reports>Create New Report and select Search Query Performance.