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PPC and SEO are both inbound marketing strategies and choosing one of them is a difficult task since both of them are very effective methods, and are used for same purpose of increasing the productivity of your website and to bring traffic and leads to your website. Both of them have their own pros and cons and quite exclusive but literally are valuable.

It is quite a discussion which one you should use for your business, to which many people prefer organic SEO since it is Organic. To set in on other words, organic SEO is a very authentic and economical marketing strategy that surely takes time but there is a bit of guarantee of its outcome. But the question arise about the choice that what method one should adopt or promoting its page, website, blog etc to which the answer depends on your keywords, content and company’s profile. Not every profile fits for SEO but not every profile fits for PPC as well. You have to make a choice on the basis of your basic structure of company and what kind of sketch your country draws for the benefit of customers.

There are some pros and cons of both the strategies that can guide you in making the choice, majority of people somehow choose organic SEO and fresh startups like to choose PPC:

SEO pros:

  • If you can wait for long term outcomes then you must choose SEO, since it is provide durable results.
  • It is economical, not every company is able to choose PPC as it is expensive.
  • It is not a onetime blast, it takes time to set the ground in SEO but its durability is high.
  • It is easy to set up SEO planning and what makes it best is the majority of its click are from genuine links.

SEO cons:

  • It takes a long time before start giving results.
  • It demands for heavy commitment and patience.
  • SEO lacks guarantee in results, it shows but little.
  • Numbers of keywords you can target are limited.

PPC pros:

  • PPC is easy to set up, it is not very economical but it neither is expensive.
  • It provide quick results, you will see the outcomes more rapidly if you’ll choose PPC.
  • It is good for short term results and it doesn’t need much administration over its setup.

PPC cons:

  • It is expensive than other techniques.
  • It doesn’t last longer than SEO.
  • Most of the leads come through paid services
  • People have this tendency to neglect paid results.