Why Wikipedia always get first position in search engine!

Who hasn’t heard about Wikipedia, the world famous free encyclopedia filled with every single detail about almost everything.  It is an open source to grab any kind of knowledge, operated by experts it serves millions; it is deity for students in college or schools. Millions of people use Wikipedia for various reasons and it has become an ultimate sensation in the field of knowledge and has become so common for people that it is unimaginable not to use it.  But have you ever thought why it is so popular? Why it ranks on top in Google?

There are many people and optimizers that find it unjust that Google is biased towards Wikipedia since it always tops, if you will look close enough to find the reasons, there are tons of justified ones there.

It is structured to rank high:

Based on code bloat of HTML, Wikipedia has created a wonderful website that makes it easy to judge its function which is loved by Google. Even though thousands of SEO’s find it inappropriate it since it looks absurd to them in terms of internal or external links but above everything Google accept everything Wikipedia does. 


There is no competition in terms of content with Wikipedia; it is detailed oriented websites that elaborates everything from top to bottom. Their content is of great quality, they present professional, logical and precise content and what else people demand.

Keyword oriented:

There are millions of topics, tons of contents and millions of keywords on Wikipedia, it is imaginable that ranks so high since it uses so many target friendly keywords and all them in organic way. Wiki’s strategies and working arena makes it on the top.


It has great domain that is strong enough to build excellent campaigns, amazing internal link structure, outstanding page authority which dominates every other source.

Connect with it:

There is nothing anybody can do about its rank, it is not going anywhere, and it is neither leaving the battle ground but what you can do is to join it. Wiki also have some negative aspects like terrible NOFollow Tag etc. You can use its faults for your use and connect with it, like Post related content, enhance Wikipedia articles and use your site link as a reference.


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